Dylans Blog.

The musings and artwork of a bitter and rusty soul struggling to break out of a cage of his own making and trying express itself in an age of self deception,  friviolous distraction and pointless unsatisfying indulgence. Cynical, admittedly hypocritical and far too self critical than is good for him. Irritatingly inconsistent, opinionated and selfish and the owner of a notoriously low tolerance for idiocy especially his own.  Destructive, creative,  irresponsible and lazy, a combination  which he admits is about as appetising as a glass of  sour milk mixed with coca cola. Struggling through life trying to do as little as possible yet beating himself up for it. Driven by occasional guilt and blinding awareness of time wasted, his energy  occasionally explode into frantic bouts of creativity the results of which are mostly left unfinished as the urgency fades and is replaced by a myopic almost perverse embrace of boredom.  His is a life of abandoned potential  gathering dust and coffee stains and yellowing forgotten in the corner of the room. Occasionally, very occasionally, they are not and my intention is that they end up here. I hope this blog inspires me to collect a few of those scraps and put them to good use.


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